ISSN 2225-7543

№3 (75), 2014 Economic series

1. Mohnenko A.S. — Features of organizational and economic changes to national enterprises.
2. Savchenko V.F., Dolhopolov M.G. — „shock therapy”: the polish achievements, miscalculations and failures of the ukrainian reformers.
3. Avksientiev M.Yu — Medium-term forecasting of the demand for labor with higher education.
4. Vdovenko Yu.S. — European mechanisms of financial support of intersectoral cooperation in ukraine-belarus cross-border dimension.
5. Lysenko I.V. — Modeling the processes of formation and development of clusters.
6. Marhasova Viktoriia — Economic policies for ensuring the sustainability of the economy of ukraine in the system of international economic security.
7. Revak I.O. — Structural components of state’s intellectual potential.
8. Podymova L.A. — Transformation of higher education in terms of european integration and innovation development of ukraine.
9. Savytska O.I. — The analysis of efficiency of foreign economic activity of ukraine in modern conditions.
10. Hapatniukovskyi M.M. — The impact of global imbalances on the economic development of ukraine.

11. Shkarlet S.M., Ilchuk V.P., Sadchykov V.S. — Risk minimization of innovative activity in the system of improvement of economic security of agricultural enterprises.
12. Kalchenko O.М., Prykhodko О.P., Aleksieienko S.S. — Current status and trends of food industry of ukraine.
13. Kuzhel V.V. — Regulatory instruments of enhancing business social responsibility on agro-food sector enterprises.
14. Mytiay O.V. — Features of development and evaluation of competitiveness in agriculture.
15. Nikoliuk О.V. — Methodological aspects of assessing investment attractiveness of poultry enterprises.
16. Popelo O.V. — Small business as the source of economic development in highly developed countries.
17. Kislinskiy S.S. — Genesis of nature of regional intellectual potential during the evolution of scientific thought.
18. Kopchikova I.V. — Essence and basic directions of operating activity’s development of trade networks.

19. Omarov S.A. — Theoretical bases of formation of the strategy for sustainable development of the regions of ukraine.
20. Tanasiychuk Yu.V. — Methodological approaches to evaluation of competitive potential of the region’s agrosphere.

21. Honta O.I., Ostrovska N.S., Zhavoronok A.V. — Factoring as one type of alternative banking services.
22. Kravchuk Hanna, Burdenko I.M. — Prospects for the development of the derivative financial instruments market infrastructure as the base of security of the financial market of ukraine.
23. Obolenskyi O.Yu. — State regulation of foreign direct investment in ukraine under economic modernization.
24. Hariaha L.O., Rudenko M.V. — Quality management of bank service.
25. Dubyna M.V. — Conceptual basics of the state’s financial and economic security strengthening through intensification of non-banking financial intermediaries' activities.
26. Zhurman S.M. — Essence of financial intermediaries and their main functions.
27. Zamlynskyi V.A. — Role of analytical tools and venture capital in building marketing strategy of the agricultural and food sector development.
28. Kartseva V.V. — Role of financial controlling in formation of modern paradigm of management at an enterprise.
29. Lysenko Z.P., Oleksyn A.G. — Assessment of financial stability of ukraine in terms of the european integration process.
30. Pashchenko O.V. — Conceptual approaches to planning and implementation of the financial strategy of shipbuilding.
31. Plisko I.M. — Problems of treasury form of the service of special fund of budget institutions.
32. Rusul L.V. — Modern realities and prospects of insurance business of ukraine under transformation processes.
33. Khmelevskyi S.M. — Condition and dynamics of external debt of ukraine.
34. Dobrіanska M.V. — Assessment of risk of investment support of technological renovation of enterprises.
35. Polahnyn D.D. — Transformation of the monetary sector of the world economy.

36. Vasyliuk M.M. — Theoretical-methodological and applied principles of providing internal control of audit services quality.

37. Oliychenko I.M., Ditkovska M.Yu. — Analysis of information provision of social services for family, children and youth.
38. Olifirenko L.D. — The functional content of the institutional mechanism of governmental regulation of the development of corporations.
39. Kharchenko Yu.P. — Methodological aspects of the formation of state mechanisms of control of the upbringing of children deprived of parental care.