ISSN 2225-7543

№1 (72), 2014 Economic series

1. Ilchuk V.P., Paziuk V.L. — Branding technologies on the market of innovative product.
2. Zosimenko T.I. — Social sensitization of business as the mainstream of modern economic development.
3. Romashko A.S., Yurchyshyn T.Ya — Tactics of protection of objects of intellectual property.
4. Tyshchenko V.F. — The methodological approach to assess the potential of pablic-private partnerships.
5. Kovadlo K.L. — Mechanism to improve the competitive status of an enterprise.
6. Matkovskyi A.V. — Innovative investment principles of ensuring economic security on the national level.

7. Kontseva V.V, Khomenko I.O., Demydenko A.I. — Problems of forming the depreciation fund of fixed assets and the mechanism of their reproduction.
8. Parubets O.M. — Systemology of economic instruments in studying networking of transportation companies.
9. Tymofiieva H.S. — International market of agricultural product: features of participation of ukraine.
10. Кoval O.P. — Cost optimization in the services sphere through virtualization of business processes.
11. Khalid Al-Mula Ali — Simulation of good governance innovative activities of the food industry.

12. Shchuryk M.V. — Concept of ukraine natural resource areas development under the conditions of the formation of post-industrial economic model.
13. Anoprіyenko V.O. — Institutional bases of formation of mechanisms for the development of recreational infrastructure of the region.
14. Bazilinskaya O.Ya., Kravchenko I.V. — Management of financial resources of a motor transport enterprise.
15. Derii Z.V. — Influence of capitalization of human potential on innovative development of regional economic systems.
16. Komarnytska H.O. — Scientific and public organizations as a factor in strategic planning and forecasting the development of cities.
17. Povna S.V. — Territorial and sectoral cut of the investment projects of the chernihiv region.
18. Popelo O.V., Ulyanenko F.M. — Institutional aspects of activation of entrepreneurial activity in the innovative environment.
19. Saprykina O.M. — Methodological approaches to the assessment of production risks of agricultural enterprises.
20. Polenkova M.V. — Formation of institutional frameworks of depressive rural areas development.
21. Kozik M.O. — Foreign-economic activity of the regions of ukraine as a factor of activization of spatial development of the country’s economy.
22. Kuzhel V.V. — The theoretical basis of investment support of the development of the enterprises of agro food sphere.

23. Honta O.I., Dubyna M.V., Tunik M.V., Yefymenko A.Yu. — Perspectives of development of insurance programs unit-link in ukraine.
24. Zhariy Y.V., Hrinchenko N.O. — Feature of management of interest rate risk management in modern conditions of banking activities.
25. Zabashtanskyi М.М. — Management of concession activities cash flows.
26. Lebіd О.V., Hryhorenko V.M. — Nature, methods and structure of financial support of technologies infroduction info banks activity.
27. Sydorenko I.V., Khomyk D.V. — Venture capital market functioning in transitive economies.
28. Cugonyako D.O., Dudko M.Y. — Using foreign experience of financing of innovation development of agricultural enterprises in the national practice.
29. Taukesheva T.D. — Decentralization of power in ukraine: financial aspect.
30. Safonov V.V. — Regulatory tools of the financial and economic stability improvement of social and economic relations subjects functioning.
31. Treitiak O.V. — The effect of banking services market on economic regional development in the ukraine.
32. Shtyrkhun K.I. — Regional agriculture: the financial state and problems of enterprises development.
33. Kachura K.M. — Source base of the investment process of private investors in the property market.
34. Kravchuk Hanna, Vilkhovik О.V. — Prospects for the development of deposit insurance in context changes in the level of moral hazard.

35. Len V.S., Zotsenko D.V. — About the choice of the form of accounting in farm enterprises.
36. Petrytskа O.S. — Features of formation of accounting policy for public enterprises.
37. Ryadska V.V. — Analysis of content of working independence in audit.
38. Skosyr Y.M. — Accounting of constant land usage rights.
39. Kushnirenko D.I. — The place of accounting in an enterprise information system.

40. Oliychenko I.M., Ditkovska M.Yu. — Ways of improvement of management process in local self-government bodies.
41. Udovychenko V.P. — The participation of ukrainian regions in international integration processes.
42. Olifirenko L.D. — Methodic approaches to the evaluation of the effectiveness of institutional changes of development of industrial corporations.
43. Rebkalo M.M. — Directions of improvement of the mechanism of state-managerial influence on protection of the children who are in conflict with the law.
44. Storozhuk T.M., Nemyrovska O.A. — Need to use professional judgment of book-keepers.
45. Olyfirenko Yu.I. — The essential characteristics of the phenomenon of social orphanhood in ukraine.