ISSN 2225-7543

№2 (74), 2014 Economic series

1. Popov O.E., Mytrofanova A.S. — Systematization of factors of production relations transformation in context of technological mode of production’s development.
2. Rybchuk A.V., Levkivskyi Vasyl — The methodology of research of global production infrastructure.
3. Shkarlet S.M., Ilchuk V.P., Lysenko I.V. — Methodical approaches to determination of economic efficiency of clusters' functioning.
4. Hnatieva T.M. — Social responsibility of business as a tool of the efficiency of a corporate strategy.
5. Kuzhel V.V., Manzii O.P. — Food cluster as one of the criteria of food security supply system.
6. Shabatura T.S. — Assessment methodological framework of an enterprise economic potential assessment.

7. Butko M.P., Solomakha I.V. — Spacious model of development and enterprises management in non-traditional areas of economic activity.
8. Kontseva V.V, Khomenko I.O., Boiko N.V. — Financial aspects of management of the structure of capital in modern conditions.
9. Lebedieva V.V. — Vertical diversity of agrarian enterprises.

10. Melnіkova M.V., Chuvikina N.V. — Methodical approaches to the formation of the conceptual models of urban management.
11. Derii Z.V., Zavhorodnia N.V. — The role of human potential in improving the competitiveness of agricultural enterprises of the chernihiv region.
12. Selenska O.O., Zelenskiy S.M., Alieshuhina N.O. — Lessons for pre-revolutionary agrarian reform forming the future of food policy of ukraine.
13. Kovalevska A.V., Baloh O.G., Andrenko O.A. — Evaluation of level and quality of life as a prerequisite for the formation of strategic vision of the socio-economic development of regions.
14. Manzhura O.V. — Current problems of agricultural cooperation investment support.
15. Melnychenko I.V., Daruha A.O. — Depreciation policy in the context of economic security of agricultural enterprise.
16. Udud I.R. — Risks in business and ways to prevent bankruptcy of tourism enterprises.
17. Shabardina Yu.V. — Organizational and economic mechanism development regional recreation potential.
18. Tanasiychuk Yu.V. — Mechanisms of strategic management of the agricultural area of the region.
19. Filippova N.V. — Features of using building enterprises staff in ukraine in the conditions of innovative economic development.
20. Paziuk V.L. — The mechanism of creation of a wine brand.

21. Ilchuk V.P., Rudenko O.M., Lysenko I.V. — Sustainable development of the regions as condition of economic security assurance of ukraine.
22. Dubyna M.V., Tunik M.V., Bilous K.V., Sobolieva T.O. — Role of insurance agents in providing the growth of client’s trust to the insurers.
23. Piroh V.V. — Impact of risks on the financial stability of a commercial bank.
24. Khmelevskyi S.M. — The changing of algorithms for financial and economic indicators calculation.
25. Khlystun O.A. — Formation of content of financial and economic security of enterprises in agricultural and food sector.
26. Holub K.V. — Conceptual framework anticrisis management of the banking system of ukraine.
27. Poliak N.P. — Bank lending: current situation and problems of today.
28. Sydorenko O.M. — Key weaknesses of functioning of the organizational mechanism in the area of management of state financial control system of ukraine.

29. Baranovskaya V.G. — International experience in the development of audit.
30. Kryshtopa I.I. — Strategic reporting in cash flow management of an industrial enterprise.
31. Len V.S., Koliveshko O.M. — The ecological account: concepts and content.
32. Plisko I.M. — Features of display in accounting calculation of electronic money.
33. Ryadska V.V. — Analysis of development of relationship between price and quality of audit services.
34. Sivitska S.P. — State promotion of investment development of alternative energy.

35. Oliychenko I.M., Ditkovska M.Yu. — Implementing of the electronic document management system in government agencies as a component of e-government.
36. Olifirenko L.D. — Institualization of the components of the governances mechanism of state regulation of the development of agroindustrial corporation.
37. Olyfirenko Yu.I. — The improvement trends in the work of state executive bodies in charge of child`s rights protection.