ISSN 2225-7543

№2 (66), 2013 Economic series

1. Ivashko L.M. — Influence of university education and its quality on the economy of ukraine.
2. Kolyada Y.V., Tukalo V.О. — Interaction of institutional components of economy on the basis of qualitative analysis of mathematical models.
3. Kondyrina A.Н. — Social tearing away as the reason for the low level of human development in ukraine.
4. Paliekhova L.L. — The use of matrix methods in the industry marketing studies.
5. Pedersen I. А. — Economic nature and methods of assessment of innovation potential of enterprises.
6. Tustanivskyi B.O. — Intra-industry trade between the u.s.a. and the eu as a factor in transatlantic trade integration.
7. Tsymbalyuk S.О. — The formation and realization of the compensation policy at the state level in ukraine.
8. Volyanska-Savchuk L.V. — Comparative analysis of theories of definition of crisis scientists.
9. Osvald M.V. — International experience of transfer pricing regulation by the example of usa and china.
10. Shpak N.А. — Raising the social level of rural youth as a factor of development of labour potential.

11. Khakhlyuk А.М., Marynina S.V. — The influence of anti-crisis measures on foreign trade optimization and regulation of ukraine.
12. Нorshunova I.V., Zakharov Y.B. — Innovative changes in educational activities of educational institutions of ukraine.
13. Papizh Y.S. — Systems approach as a basis for managing economic development of the coal industry of ukraine.
14. Bazуlevуch V.M. — Efficient energy use – direction of economic safety of companies of agricultural enterprises.
15. Zakharenko Y.V., Popov M.O. — A comprehensive approach to the calculations of the cost-effectiveness of energy saving measures (for example, co-generation) in the oil and fat industry.

16. Butko M.P., Mazur O.V. — Methodology of organization and effective operation of regional agriculture.
17. Voynarenko M.P., Petrytskа O.S. — Problems of implementation of budget management in enterprises.
18. Volot О.I. — Modeling of provision of information support of process management of industrial enterprises with using modern information technologies.
19. Zoidze D.R. — Features of risk management on the pharmaceutical enterprises.
20. Lisitsa V.V. — The tendencies and directions of the innovate development of retail networks in the post-crisis period.
21. Marchenko N.A., Zadorozhna S.М. — Theoretical approaches to the assessment of investment attraction of industries.
22. Pytulyak N.S. — Improvement of the functioning of logistics of information systems.
23. Oliychenko I.M., Povna S.V. — The systemacity of regional economic policy in the context of sustainble development.
24. Selinnyi M.M. — Cooperation as a necessary condition of agricultural households.
25. Solomakha I.V. — Government regulation and its impact on the accelerated development of domestic floristic market.
26. Meyta V.I. — The analysis of approaches to definition of economic security functional components of industrial enterprises.
27. Zabashtanska T.V. — Theoretical aspects of ukrainian pricing policy of communal services.
28. Nikonchuk N.V. — Educational services market in ukraine: present state and prospects.
29. Semchenko-Kovalchuk O.B. — State and prospects of small and meddle-sized business development: regional aspect.

30. Vasiliev О.V. — Problems of improvement of the infrastructure of insurance market.
31. Ilchuk V.P., Sadchykov V.S. — Ways of improving financial and economic security of agribusiness enterprises.
32. Kravchuk Hanna, Dubyna M.V., Vilkhovik О.V. — Conceptual approach to the decomposition of deposit insurance system.
33. Melnіkova M.V., Mikhalyova K.V. — The program-target method of the budgeting as a factor of improving the efficiency of urban management.
34. Нavrylenko N.І., Anoprіyenko V.O., Rohova Н.A. — Development of the stock market in the context of ipo.
35. Datsenko V.V., Taranenko V.Ye. — The system of non-state pension fund scheme and development of financial intermediation in ukraine.
36. Zhariy Y.V., Kufaіev V.V. — The impact of credit and currency risks on the liquidity of the banking system of ukraine.
37. Zabashtanskyi М.М. — Development of concession relations in ukraine.
38. Selenska O.O. — State financial support of agricultural sphere in the russian empire in the late xix – early xx century.
39. Kalchenko O.М., Voroshylo О.V. — Current status of the banking system of ukraine: problems and development.
40. Korneyev M.V. — Economic environment of financial sector members activity in modern conditions.
41. Sorokina O.V. — The easy way for the rough estimate of financial and economic state of a company.
42. Shevchenko O.S. — Methodological aspects of improvement of social security as a component of social protection of the population of ukraine.
43. Borуsenko L.І. — The meaning of the unified social payment in the process of forming the pension fund of ukraine budget incomes.
44. Koshchuk T.V. — Need for correction the taxation policy in ukraine.
45. Ozerchuk O.V. — Public-private partnership and activation investment activity in ukraine.
46. Velenteychyk N.Y. — The development of the concepts and categories of the regulation of intergovernmental fiscal relations.
47. Volkovets T.V. — The essence of the tax mechanism and its relation to tax policy and tax system.
48. Klymenko T. V. — The role of financial potential in providing social and economic development of the region.
49. Kosytsckyi K.V. — The approach to the organization of the effective tax management of industrial holding.
50. Malyk O.V. — Modern paradigm of financial security of enterprises in terms of globalization and wto membership.
51. Mordvanyuk Y.V. — Financial mechanism of regulation of problem debt of a commercial bank.
52. Tunik M.V. — Controlling as an efficient tool of insurance of company strategic management.
53. Fedchenko M.A., Kosach I.A. — The public-private partnership in the sphere of innovations: ukrainian and abroad experience.
54. Artemov S.H. — Development of the investment processes in the contemporary economy.

55. Grуshko N.V., Lubenchenko O.E. — Regulation of foreign economic activity in ukraine and independent audit.
56. Hohol T.A. — Features of the method of financial analysis of small business enterprises.
57. Ivanova L.B. — Accounting of costs in a debtor’s anti-crisis measures.
58. Len V.S. — Conditions, registration and tax aspects of the rented land improvements.
59. Ryadska V.V. — Study of audit as a system of tripartite rilationships.
60. Shulha S.V. — Auditing reform in ukraine: quo vadis.
61. Bezohlyuk V.О. — Tax invoice as the mean of struggle with risky importers.

62. Oliychenko I.M., Yurchenko Yu.D. — Introduction of instruments of electronic government in the system of state power.
63. Ditkovska M.Yu. — Ways of improving the information support of local organs of executive power.
64. Kutsenko М.А. — Forming of state order for training the personnel of state service of ukraine for emergencies.
65. Olifirenko L.D. — Institutional paradigm of state regulation of corporate structures.
66. Vorvynets B.M. — Theoretical bases organizational and economic mechanism of labor market regulation.
67. Romanova A.A. — Application of marketing information system in the process of building the strategic plan of branding territory.
68. Kharchenko Yu.P. — Modernizing the state mechanisms of management of the processes of social and legal protection of children deprived of parental care.
69. Prokopovych T.Н. — The architecture of the system of state land relation management and main directions of its improvement.
70. Ozarko K.S., Opotyak Yu.V. — Investigation of the relationship of parameters of methods for personality characteristics detection for improvement of personnel management efficiency.