ISSN 2225-7543

№3 (68), 2013 Economic series

1. Shkarlet S.M. — Department of accounting and audit chernihiv state technological university – 20 years.

2. Shpak V.A. — Accounting structure as science and practical activity.
3. Len V.S. — Elements of system of organization of book keeping and their classification.
4. Ivanova L.B. — Study of accounting in the crisis of action of the debtor is based on institutional analysis.
5. Nehay V.A. — Element method valuation or an accounting method.
6. Kryshtopa I.I. — Ав-costing as an instrument of the strategic accounting.
7. Goncharenko I.N. — The effect of institutional environment of accounting.
8. Ambarchyan V.С. — The influence of changes in international accounting standards relating financial instruments on the structure of the chart of accounts for ukrainian banks.
9. Akymenko E.J. — Rational organization of the accounting as the base of the effective management of an enterprise.

10. Zamula I. V. — Genetically modified organisms: accounting aspect.
11. Sarapina A.O. — Problem questions of confession and classification of long-lived biological assets.
12. Syzonenko O.V. — Public sector entities' accounting policy: current state and development outlook.
13. Sidorenko O.O. — Accounting of providing for onerous contracts in of subjects of accounting in the public sector.
14. Onishchenko V.P. — Comparison of methods contingent accounting banks and companies in ukraine.
15. Skosyr Y.M. — Worthless transaction: features of accounting.
16. Volot О.I. — Introduction and use of modern information systems and technologies accounting of domestic enterprises.
17. Niporko N.I. — Problems of formation of the index cost of sales for small businesses.
18. Koliveshko O.M. — Definition and structure of the enterprise environmental costs.
19. Korotkiy V.V. — Accounting and analytical support for determining the tax statements of the combining co-owners apartment buildings.
20. Krot Y.V. — Unproductive charges and losses are in the financial reporting.
21. Petrovskiy V.O. — Managerial accounting or controlling in the enterprise management system.
22. Proshina K.V. — Application of methods of estimation and distribution of bits and pieces of wip.
23. Shelest V.S. — Accounting and analytical information of intangible assets in the financial statements.

24. Mnykh E.V. — Analytical providing of adjusting of economic processes.
25. Hohol T.A. — Theoretical and methodological foundations of analytical components of an information management system provision for small businesses.
26. Yushchenko N.L. — Organization of operational accounting staff personal achievements through computer information system as an effective means of stimulating employment.
27. Peretiatko Y.M. — Economic analysis of financial leasing transactions in decision making.
28. Gnedina K.V. — Methodical bases of the evaluating of the economic efficiency of functioning of system of city passenger transport.

29. Red'ko O.Y. — Institutionalization of ukrainian audit. myths and real.
30. Proskurina N.M. — Vectors of creating an image of an audit company.
31. Tsarenko O.V. — Classifications distortions in the accounting and reporting.
32. Ryadska V.V. — Materiality as object audit research and evaluation reliability financial information.
33. Rubitel O.U. — Audit of corporate governance: theoretical and practical approach.
34. Shulha S.V. — Big four strategy influence on the companies' global competitiveness.
35. Baranovskaya V.G. — The question of organization of internal audit.
36. Petrakov I.V. — The theory of contestable markets and auditing business in ukraine: an identification problem.