ISSN 2225-7543

№4 (70), 2013 Economic series

1. Sych Y.V., Boiko O.V. — Development of national transport market: institutional approach.
2. Ushenko N.V. — Educational requirements in the conditions of knowledge economy building.
3. Cherkaskyi I.B., Paziuk V.L. — Brand as a marketing tool of good’s promotion.
4. Bohashko O.L. — Innovation capacity of the society – fundamental factors for ensuring the country’s competitiveness.
5. Vasyliuk M.M. — Control of quality of public accountant services: aspects of domestic and foreign practice.
6. Pіsarevskaуа A.I., Mizik Yu.I. — The methodical principles of the internal audit of the personnel at the enterprise.
7. Pronoza P.V. — Development of ukraine and its regions under the impact of the world financial and economic crisis of 2007-2009.
8. Pinchuk S.S. — Principles of evaluating the effectiveness of the ukrainian railways performance.
9. Koydan N.S., Bondar V.V. — Cooperation – the way of the integration of ukraine into the world economy.
10. Boiarchuk L.V. — Reasons of origin and direction of overcoming youth unemployment in ukraine.

11. Aptekar S.S. — Taking into account synergy and life-cycle at the formation and development of vertically-integrated structures at the mining and metallurgical complex of ukraine.
12. Prokopenko V.I., Теrekhov Y.V. — Technological lands bonitet forming as an economic factor of influence upon their special purpose assignment.
13. Moskalenko A.M. — Applied theoretical aspects of determination of the efficient agricultural enterprise size in polissia area.
14. Moskalenko V.A. — Practice of application of the accounting system "standard-costs” in different sectors of the economy.
15. Peretiatko Y.M. — The transfer of property in financial leasing: the specifics of accounting.
16. Pilevych D.S. — The essence of complementary investment policy of the state.
17. Popelo O.V. — Features of the modern condition of small business in ukraine.
18. Podymova L.A. — The role and place of universities in innovative development of the ukrainian economy.
19. Pryimenko S.А. — The reform of retail electricity tariff taking into account co₂ emission.
20. Senyk H.P. — Organizational and economic principles of effective formation of incomes from freight rail.
21. Shtyrkhun K.I. — The financial state and problems of development of light industry in chernihiv region.
22. Aloshyn S.Y. — Evaluation of innovation development of industrial enterprises in ukraine.
23. Herasymchuk V.V., Kuzmenko O.Y. — Marketing potential of companies in today’s market.
24. Koliesnichenko A.S. — The state regulation of relations between the participants of the electric energy market: theoretical aspects.
25. Tarasenko A.V., Fedorenko O.P. — Problems and prospects of the enterprises development of ukraine pulp and paper industry.

26. Butko M.P., Polenkova M.V. — Modernization aspects of enhancing the economic sphere of rural development.
27. Ilchuk V.P., Babachenko L.V. — Organizational and economic support of the passenger traffic activity.
28. Kalinchik N.V., Tovstolis A.I. — The choice of the optimal sales channels of agriculture products.
29. Anoprіyenko V.O. — The state regulation of financial and economic development of recreational services regions.
30. Vdovenko Yu.S. — Implementation specifics of modern instruments of attracting of investments.
31. Derii Z.V. — Regional paradigm of quality of life and human development.
32. Dubyna M.V. — Nature of cross-border security and its types.
33. Mazur O.E. — Organization of the trade enterprise management system diagnostics.
34. Solomakha I.V. — Methodological approaches of assessment of regional market needs in live cut flowers.
35. Kholodnytska A.V. — Application of time-management technologies in enterprise management.
36. Yushchenko N.L., Pozdnіakova A.M. — Formation of employment potential chernihiv region: the problem of negative influence of natural population reduction.
37. Yaremenko M.O., Voietska Mariia — Electrical goods industry in the context of the european segment and its main competitors.
38. Antokhova O.Y. — Educational determinations of the labor market of chernivetska region.
39. Sadchykov V.S. — Scientific and methodological approaches to formation of new organizational structures in the agricultural sector.
40. Topolevska O.V. — Theoretical aspects of regional food markets formation in the open economy.
41. Shpak N.А. — The raise of food consumption as a factor of activation of domestic agriculture sector development.
42. Andrieieva Y.L. — Analysis and evaluation of engineering companies competitiveness.
43. Kraus K.M. — World experience and ukrainian realities of marketing management.
44. Sydorenko I.V. — Mechanisms of investment to modernize production infrastructure in the region.

45. Andrieieva O.V. — Organizational and economic approaches to the financing of investment programs on rail transport.
46. Kaminskyі A.B. — Scoring implementation into the business-processes of consumer lending of a bank.
47. Kravchuk Hanna, Halych O.V. — Theoretical foundations of risk management of commercial banks.
48. Kurmaiev P.Y. — Innovative proiirities of funding in the sphere of higher education in ukraine.
49. Kalchenko O.М. — Priority areas of tourism development in the context of investment security.
50. Lebіd О.V., Hryhorenko V.M. — The nature, methods and structure of financial support of management technologies implementation in banks activity.
51. Proskura K.P. — Problems of the ukrainian economy’s development and their impact on the effectiveness of the tax administration.
52. Talavira Y.V. — Investment ensurance of the implementation of innovative projects with limited financial resources.
53. Korobko V.I., Dudko M.Y., Savelieva Y.V. — The peculiarities of the investment-innovation policy of housing and utilities sectors of ukraine at the present stage.
54. Popel L.A. — Modern tools of financial planning of investment expenditure of the budget.
55. Prokopenko O.O., Ilchuk V.P. — The evolution of formation and development of the deposit operations.
56. Riznychenko Y.I. — Eu budget policy transformation at the current stage under the conditions of world financial crisis.
57. Bezuhlyi A.O. — Improving the efficiency of formation and use of financial resources of state subjects of economy in the process of oprc contracts implementation.

58. Bezverkhnia Yu.V. — The need of introduction of management of accounting at the enterprises in the conditions of participation in the wto.
59. Illiashenko K.V. — Information management systems in the accounting and the analysis of the agrarian enterprises.
60. Len V.S. — The order of granting and accounting of having a special purpose favourable state credits for receipt of higher education.
61. Pozharytska I.M. — Professional judgement in the context of audit standards.
62. Ryadska V.V. — Analysis of the level of development of the statutory audit institute in ukraine.
63. Shara Ye.Yu. — Features of production costs accounting.

64. Oliychenko I.M., Ditkovska M.Yu. — Ways of establishing and improving e-government in the system of public authorities.
65. Olifirenko L.D. — Theoretical and methodological approaches of the evaluation of the effectiveness of institutional changes of corporations’ development.
66. Rebkalo M.M. — Organizational and legal analysis of the mechanismi of the public administration in child vights protection.
67. Olyfirenko Yu.I. — Modernization aspects of social services for children living in hardship.