ISSN 2225-7543

№4 (76), 2014 Economic series

1. Kravchuk Hanna — Formation of cognitive-evolutionary approach to synergy of competitiveness of the country and the region.
2. Levkivskyi Vasyl — Contemporary forms of operation of transnational corporations in the system of international economic relations.
3. Bocharova Yuliia — Features of the development of tncs’ conflict-compromise relations under globalization conditions.
4. Marhasova Viktoriia — Foundation of rationality criteria of the sustainability of the state’s economy.
5. Pyrikov O.V., Sultanova D.A. — Theory and practice of sustainable development. reality and prospects.
6. Pinchuk A.A. — Scientific approaches to the interpretation of category of “banking services”.
7. Tkalenko N.V. — Scientific conceptualization of formation of innovation resource of the national economy.
8. Yurchyshyn O.Ya., Ashcheulova S.V. — Features of application of approaches and methods for the estimation of cost of rights of intellectual property objects, which contain confidential information.
9. Ivanchuk K.O. — Information component of an enterprise steady economic development.
10. Tytarenko T.G. — The concept of state regulation and state governance of land relations.
11. Ilchuk V.P., Lysenko I.V. — Effectiveness evaluation of clusters’ functioning.
12. Dubyna M.V. — Gnosiology of the category “economic trust”.

13. Kychko I.I., Denysenko Yu.V. — Priority areas of staff recruitment by agricultural sector enterprises.
14. Horina H.O. — Socio-economic importance of the tourism industry in the state economy.
15. Hradoboieva Ye.S. — Public utility economy of ukraine cities: problems and directions of energy efficiency improvement.
16. Malovіchko A.S. — Trends in the development of transport services in the context of globalization.
17. Malovychko S.V. — The basic tendencies of ukrainian market of e-commerce.
18. Moskalenko A.M. — Rational use of agricultural lands: theory and practice.
19. Zhelizniak A.V. — Trademark recognition as a brand – a part of strategy for increasing the competitiveness of tnc in the sphere of tourism.
20. Yashchenko Yu.A. — Theoretical foundations of the development of agrarian sphere in the context of sustainability.
21. Petryshchenko N.A., Serohina N.V. — Modern problems of construction complexes of ukraine.

22. Hnatieva T.M., Nikoliuk О.V. — Influence of social responsibility of business on competitiveness of agricultural enterprises.
23. Zhurba I.A. — Methodological foundations of strategic planning development in modern regional management.
24. Lebedieva V.V. — methodological approaches to assessing the level of economic diversification enterprises efficiency of agricultural areas.
25. Papizh Y.S. — Classification of regional clusters: arrangement and enhancement.
26. Zhus O.M. — Integration processes in the building complex of ukraine.

27. Leonov S.V., Sapozhnikova M.V. — Microfinance as a credit instrument to stimulate socio-economic development.
28. Sarapina A.O., Myhovych A.S. — Theoretical foundations of accounts receivable management.
29. Vdovenko Yu.S. — Fiscal and budget innovations of decentralized approach to state reforming.
30. Vyhovska V.V. — Formation of potential investment of insurance market in ukraine: problem trends.
31. Zhariy Y.V., Kufaіev V.V. — The main problems and ways of stabilization of the banking system of ukraine.
32. Melnik P.I. — Problems and prospects of improvement of enterprises finance.
33. Prokopenko V.Y. — Tне privatization processes in the segment of land real estate at real estate market: features, problems, consequences.
34. Tsyhaniuk D.L., Hlants V.N. — Analysis of financial soundness of ukrainian banks.
35. Shishkina O.V. — Identification and rapid assessment of financial risks of industrial enterprises.
36. Paliukh O.M. — Implementation of budget expenditures for financing of the agricultural sector of ukraine.
37. Yakovets H.Yu. — Features of analysis and minimization of risks during realization of venture financing of innovative enterprises.
38. Ponomarenko S.V. — Financial and economic aspects of development of agriculture.
39. Stolbova М.A. — Projects on rеаl estate development: stages and problems of implementation.
40. Harafonova Olha, Ulchenko Dmytro — Financial restructuring as a means of financial recovery of enterprises.

41. Bondarenko N.M., Yaresko A.M. — Nature and classification of production stock at an enterprise.
42. Yermak O.I., Buhovets S.O. — Improvement of registers of simplified account form on small business enterprises.
43. Len V.S., Nehay V.A. — Politics of accounting in budget establishments: the contents and structure.
44. Onishchenko V.P. — Accounting of investments to associates and jointly controlled entities according to regulation (standard) of accounting 12 “financial investments”.
45. Sidorenko O.O. — Reportable segments in subjects of accounting in the public sector: the concept and the order of recognition.

46. Oliychenko I.M., Ditkovska M.Yu. — Improvement of information activities in the system of social services for families, children and youth.
47. Stoian O.Yu. — The international experience of state regulation and promotion of renewable energy development.
48. Balzan M.V., Yepifanova I.Yu. — Prospects of economic growth of industrial enterprises.
49. Olifirenko L.D. — Methodological approaches to effectiveness evaluation of institutional changes of environment of the functioning of agricultural corporations.
50. Kharchenko Yu.P. — The mechanism of assessment of the social and legal protection of children deprived of parental care.